Mijia Electric Screwdriver 3.6V 5N.M Torque Electric Screwdriver Household With 12Pcs S2 Screw Bits Xiaomi Mi Home drill Tools


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  • Usage: Home DIY
  • Weight: 353
  • Dimensions: 159 x 16.4mm
  • No-Load Speed: 1600rpm
  • Max. Torque: 0.2N.m
  • Rated Input Power: 5V== 0.14A
  • Frequency: 3.7V
  • Rated Voltage: 3.6V
  • Model Number: MJDDLSD001QW
  • Power Source: AC
  • Type: Precision Screwdriver
  • Brand Name: MIJIA
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Certification: NONE

Mijia Electric Screwdriver 3.6V 2000mAh 5N.M Torque Electric Screwdriver Household With 12Pcs S2 Screw Bits Xiaomi Mi Home Tools

Basic parameters



Screwdriver net weight about:350g

Screwdriver size:124 x 130.5x 42mm

Rated voltage:3.6V

No-load speed:200r/min

Charging time:120 - 180min

Executive Standard:GB 3883.1-2014

Bit model:C6.3 x 25mm

Cross:PH11 PH2/ PH3


One word:SL4/SL6

Plum:T15/ T20/T25

Rice wordPZ2

Extension rod length:60mm

Mijia home electric screwdriver 3.6V

Patented integrated cordless design, easy to start

5N.m high torque 2000mAh large capacity battery 12 pieces of S2 steel batch head Overall storage

Won the German Industrial IF Design Award

Strong magnetic motor, super torque  5 N.m

Strong magnetic motor, all-metal gearbox, providing 5N.m1 strong torque; easy installation of lamps, large homes, electrical appliances, etc. without effort.

Cordless portable, long battery life


2000mAh2 large-capacity battery, the total number of screws can be about 180pcsl3l. Type-C charging, cordless portable. Split battery case design, using flame retardant material, safe and heat insulation.

Patented integrated design

The integrated screwless design is beautiful and reliable. High-quality engineering plastic material, innovative integrated structure, fine craftsmanship, double-layer baking varnish, warm texture, comfortable grip; resistant to dirt and corrosion.

Innovative knob, one-handed commutation

Innovate the three-speed reversing knob, dial to the left gear L to screw out, the right gear R to screw in, and the middle neutral ring to lock. It is easy to operate with one hand, while reducing the possibility of accidental touch while working.

12 S2 steel high quality batch heads with additional extension rods

12 high-quality S2 alloy steel bits, high precision bite, hard but not brittle, tough and not soft.

Used with 60mm additional extension rods for narrower or poorly visible spaces to meet most of the home use scenarios.

Ring LED light, clear lighting

The three LEDs form a ring light strip that automatically illuminates when the start button is pressed, making it easy to operate in dimly lit environments.

High quality accessories, overall storage

The bit and extension rods are stored in the header box; the Type-C charging cable and the screwdriver body are placed in the storage bag. Easy to carry and store, easy to access, not easy to lose.

1. Torque test mode: Use a fully charged machine, the torque tester separately tests the machine stall torque, and takes the average value of the measurement; the measurement result has a tolerance of +0.2Nm depending on the environment.

2. The battery capacity is tested by Shenzhen Xintesi Testing Technology Co., Ltd., in line with GB31241 2014 standard, report number: WTF 19F03015785G.

3. Test the number of screws: use a fully charged machine, hit 4*25 screws on soft pine, and stop for 10 minutes for each 20

4. Design patent number: ZL 2018 3 0704406.7.

5. The hardness has a tolerance of *2HRC. The batch hardness test report is provided by the National Light Industry Tool Hardware Quality Supervision and Inspection Shanghai Station, report number: G20190490.

*The various data mentioned in this page, if not specified, are from the Monkey Technology Laboratory. Data may vary or be inaccurate due to changes in the objective environment and other factors.


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